If you persevered through my first chapter “This is my Life”, you will remember my love for animals and that dogs were always a part of our household. When I was about 10 years old, I noticed a picture of a Bedlington Terrier in the World Book Encyclopaedia and immediately fell in love with this beautiful dog that looked so much like a lamb. After a bit of nagging, my parents bought me a puppy from a breeder in Bloemfontein, South Africa, that we had railed down to us in Cape Town. That was in 1977. I named her “Pom Pom”.

Here I am with Pom-Pom and my cat Fishy.Here I am with Pom-Pom and my cat Fishy.

Of course at that time I was too young to know about breeding, showing or grooming, and Pom Pom was just a pet. This breed also was not very common at that time in South Africa.

In 1978, when we left for Israel, we sold Pom Pom to one of the few breeders in South Africa, since we were not sure that it would be practical to bring her to Israel, or if there would even be another Bedlington in Israel. I don’t remember who we sold her to in S.A. but if that breeder happens upon my website, I’d love to hear from her.

Well, once in Israel and many varying pets later, I still kept in my heart the disappointment at not having brought Pom Pom with me and was determined that one day I would again own a Bedlington Terrier. By the time I had completed my different studies, I was in a position to purchase a computer, and my project on Bedlingtons (mentioned in the previous chapter), really motivated my wish to own a Bedlington Terrier. I started surfing the Internet to research breeders, pedigrees and health standards. After 2 years of research and contact with numerous breeders, my decision was made. Isotop’s Kennels in Sweden! Finally, after 25 years, I have accomplished my dream and am one of the first people to bring this beautiful, unique and rare breed to Israel.

I travelled to Sweden in June 2003 to bring Felicia, Isotop’s bitch from Champion Isotop’s Salome and Champion Toolbox’s Dalton. Just before setting out for Sweden, I decided to purchase a male pup as well from Toolbox Kennels which became available at that time, in order to set up breeding and show kennels in Israel in the future, knowing that I would be the first in Israel.

So, I came home with 2 puppies!
Isotop’s Felicia and Toolbox Freestyler.

This time, my Bedlingtons are going to be shown at Dog Shows, hopefully bred in the future, but mainly beloved pets and companions. They are my “children” and very much part of the family. See more about my babies in the “My Bedlingtons” Link.

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