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Billy and Sharon

Malin grooming Skalman, with Norman in the background

The Bedlington.Biz gang (or some of us) - Crufts, March 2006.

Helen Nelson in Fish restaurant - London, March 2006.

and Lesley together with Parker

Jano, Aaron and Hessel - London, March 2006.

My attempt to dance with Shandy

Pepsi and Shandy dancing with Aaron and Jano.

Styler in Hessel's arms

Camilla from London with Felly and Styler

Felly and Styler together with Dreamer, my groomer, Gregory Shpilko's, new Airedale Terrier puppy, that he brought over from the USA.

I met with Hannah & her husband and their two lovely Bedlingtons, Juno & Jenna, when I was on Holiday in Amsterdam. I had a great evening.

Marc And Galit Cirlin's Wedding in Israel - May 30, 2004.

Marc And Galit Cirlin's Wedding in Israel - May 30, 2004.

Marc And Galit Cirlin's Wedding in Israel - May 30, 2004.

Marc And Galit Cirlin's Wedding in Israel - May 30, 2004.

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