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My Grandmother and Grandfather, Hilda and Sam Zegal on their Wedding Day in 1929.jpg

Sam and Hilda Zegal (my grandfather and grandmother).jpg

Auntie Sarah and Uncle Morris and me, Hessel as a small kid..jpg

Auntie Polly resized.jpg

BobbaHilda_Polly resized.jpg

Bobba Hilda_Eva_Polly resized.jpg

My gran, Hilda Zegal together with Auntie Polly (Pauline).jpg

My Grandpa Jack together with Auntie Sarah..jpg

Rochelle Zegal (my mother), Auntie Sarah and me, Hessel, pulling funny faces..jpg

HarryW_PhilipK_JackN resized.jpg



Hessel, Rael and my Grandfather Zaida Sam Zegal.




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